D-LAB Nutricosmetics Skin Detox
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D-LAB Nutricosmetics Skin Detox

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D-LAB is for your health and includes specific and recovered ingredients in each of its formulas to protect the body from harmful substances.

D-LAB is for your health and includes specific and recovered ingredients in each of its formulas to protect the body from harmful substances:

- Antioxidants, which are derived from extracts of black radish, wild orphans and bellflower, help fight skin aging;

- Thermal salts, which are extracted from Vichy water bodies, are an exclusive ingredient that is naturally rich in potassium and lithium.

The Skin Detox complex combines 4 interrelated mechanisms: skin cleansing, detoxification, smooth digestion and rehydration.

- Detoxification and digestion;

- Contains a high concentration of turmeric, promotes improvement of digestion and general cleansing of internal organs;

- Concentrated bell and black radish extract;

- Five strains of probiotics that ensure a sustainable effect on the microflora;

- Skin cleansing;

- Wild orphan extract helps cleanse skin tissues;

- Microencapsulated zinc, especially bioavailable, ensures healthy and radiant skin;

- Thermal salts, which are obtained from Vichy vadens deposits, are also known to give Celestine a feeling for your face;

- Rehydration and treatment;

- Hyaluronic acid, which can withstand almost 1000 times the mass in water, penetrates into deep tissues and thus maintains skin firmness and durability;

- Wild orphan extract rehydrates and improves the overall condition of the skin;

- Royal jelly concentrate, which is found in essential nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrates and royal jelly.

Main active ingredients:

Turmeric 550 mg, Quackgrass 200 mg, Wild pansy 160 mg, Hyaluronic acid 100 mg, Black radish 50 mg, 5 lactic enzymes 40 mg, Royal jelly 30 mg, Vichy thermal salts 30 mg, Microencapsulated zinc 7.5 mg, 75%

This formula works for you if:

- If you have small pimples on the face and on the upper chest;

- You have subcutaneous patches or microcysts that cause skin rashes;

- Image of pale, tired skin Use 2 capsules a day, in the morning, drink a large glass of water.

Drinking water during the day is very important for the organs to function properly. Renewal We recommend following this program for at least 2 months. Also repeat 2 times a year.


In the glass bottle you will find 56 capsules, which are recommended to be taken during the 28-day program.

Warnings and allergies:

No side effects. Contains lactic acid enzymes as well as traces of soy.

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