Beardburys Beard Care Pack

Beardburys Beard Care Pack

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Beard care kit.

Beard care kit. The set includes:

- Beardburys cosmetic

-Beardburys Beard Wax- Beard and mustache wax 50ml.

Soft and durable fixing wax for shaping mustache and beard. Create all possible images and textures without restrictions.

-Beardburys Serum - Beard and mustache oil 30ml

Beard and mustache oil with a gentle composition based on essential oils and thyme extract, which provide deep hydration and soften hair.

- Beardburys Outliner Emulsion - Clear shaving lotion 150ml

  Transparent lotion for precise and visible shaving. The combination of essential oils and aloe vera moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

-Beardburys Beard Shampoo - Beard Shampoo 150ml

A specific shampoo for cleansing the face and beard. The composition guarantees gentle beard and skin care. Free of sulphates.

-Beard combs

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